About the Lawyer

Odvjetnica Dunja Gržalja Smilović - Labin

I graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2005, after which I worked as a judicial trainee at the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb from 2005 to 2007. I passed the bar exam in 2007 and worked as a lawyer trainee with a passed bar exam at the Office of Lawyer Bojan Zustović in Pazin from 2008 to 2011.

I opened an independent office in 2011 with headquarters in Pazin, and in 2021 I have changed my office headquarters to Labin. Since graduating from the Faculty of Law, I have dealt with branches of law – property law, land registry law, law of obligations, commercial law, inheritance law, family law, labour law, administrative law, enforcement and insurance law, and have improved my skills through professional lectures and professional literature.

The law office provides legal advice and represents the interests of parties before courts and state bodies in different branches of law and in different types of proceedings, as well as drafting various documents in certain branches of law (contracts, declarations and other legal acts).

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